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We are sure of your satisfaction, that is why we have covered all of our manufactured products by a most extraordinary comprehensive guarantee policy. Buckets come with a 1 year warranty on hydraulic components, and 1 year on manufacturing defects. Rippers come with a 1 year warranty on hydraulic components, and 2 year on manufacturing defects.

Further, Industrial Buckets warrants the products manufactured by us to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

During the material and workmanship warranty period, Industrial Buckets will, at its sole discretion, provide repair or replacement of the defective product. In the event that the product is deemed defective by, or by an agent appointed by, Industrial Buckets, Industrial Buckets will replace the item.

The following exceptions apply to this warranty:

  • Normal wear resulting from the proper use of the product is not covered by this guarantee.
  • Using this product in conjunction with or attached to equipment that was not designed for or intended to be used with this type of product will void this warranty.
  • This product is to be used in a manner that complies completely with the original operators manual provided with the equipment that our product is being used with or attached to, and in no case shall the equipment covered by this warranty be used beyond the limits established in the original equipment manufacturers operator's manual.
  • Damage or failure occurring from misuse, misapplication, or alterations voids the warranty, and is the owner's responsibility.
  • Removal, alteration, or defacing of the serial number plate will void this warranty.
  • Industrial Buckets does not assume responsibility for, and in no event shall be liable for incidental, special, or consequential damage, direct or indirect, loss of perceived or anticipated benefits or profits, loss of use of this or other equipment, gasoline, telephone, travel expenses, lodging, or loss of wages.

The products provided by us are intended to be used only with equipment of the proper size and horsepower, as outlined in the original owner's operator manual that was supplied with the equipment that the product covered by this warranty is being used with.
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