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Standard Flat Bed
Model SD
Dove Tail Deck
Model DT
Skirted Flat Deck
Model SK
Oilfield Service Deck
Model OFS
Tool Carrier Deck
Model TC
Stake Side Flat Deck
Model SS
Welding Deck
Model WD
Industrial Buckets manufactures a variety of high-quality truck beds for farming, welding and oilfield purposes.  

• Focusing not only on functionality and durability we have made style a considering factor as we design and manufacture truck decks. However,
  you can also custom order a truck bed according to your personal preference to ensure a style you like. 
• Our truck decks are designed to follow the contour of the cab, delivering a sleek, natural look while our computerized CNC machines provide
  a professional appeal because of the precise cut with little or no deviation.   

• DURA-BED decks are built with cross members 19” OC and have been designed for maximum durability under the roughest work conditions.  
• All our beds are complete with a textured powder coating to provide a long-lasting finish.  

• We take custom requests on all styling and design options such as chrome fenders, diamond or smooth plating, round or square headache racks,
  toolbox quantity and placement, textured or high-gloss powder coating, paint color and much more. 
• Structural customization is also available: cross member spacing, hitches and placements, 3/16” vs. 1/8” steel plating, reinforced headache racks, fold
  down or removable sides, etc.
Asphalt Construction Deck
Model AC
-Durabed Truck Service Decks-
Custom Truck Decks

Mechanic Service Deck
Model SV